PERSEUS represents the first demonstration project implemented by the FP7 Security Research Theme. Demonstration programmes represent a novelty for the EU RTD Framework programmes. They are aimed at large scale integration, validation and demonstration of novel security systems of systems, and represent European flagships, providing a federative frame to coalesce research in areas of significant European interest.

Being part of the Demonstration programmes PERSEUS has being defined and planned to provide protection to the European seas and borders with smart use of technologies. The pilot, with a budget of € 43.7 M and an execution period of four years, is one of the most significant initiatives within the 7th Framework Programme of the EC.

PERSEUS Objective

PERSEUS addresses the call for an integrated European system for maritime border control. Its purpose is to build and demonstrate an EU maritime surveillance system integrating existing national and communitarian installations and enhancing them with innovative technologies. By means of two large scale demonstrations PERSEUS will prove its feasibility and will set the standards and grounds for the future development of EU maritime surveillance systems. Check out more information on the two PERSEUS campaigns.

The new maritime surveillance system is expected to increase the effectiveness of the current systems by creating a common maritime information sharing environment for the benefit of the network including National Coordination Centres, Frontex and the European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA). The project also envisages collaboration with non European countries and international agencies such as NATO or the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), among others.